KGI Futures investment products
Domestic futures and options
KGI Futures offers trading services covering all futures and options contracts traded on the Taiwan Futures Exchange market. Start trading futures based on your analysis and personal investment goals.
Domestic futures
Our domestic futures offering includes: exchange rate futures, commodity futures, individual stock futures and stock index futures across different industry sectors
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Domestic options
Our domestic options include stock index options, individual stock options, exchange rate options and commodity options. Start trading and follow your investment strategy
Trading modes and rules
We adopt a margin system with risk control to prevent default. We recommend traders to familiarise themselves with the trading information and rules before they start investing
Open an account within minutes
Open a futures account in just a few steps to start trading. You can conveniently open an account online, by post or at your nearest branch
Margin deposit and withdrawal
To start trading or withdrawing cash from your account, there must be a minimum amount on your account corresponding with the margin requirements
Purchase and sale statement
Once you have opened a futures account, deposited a margin and have successfully placed an order, KGI Futures will send you a corresponding purchase and sale statement
Forced liquidation
If the margin is insufficient due to market changes, you will receive a reminder notice from us to top-up the amount. Under special circumstances, KGI Futures may liquidate any position to bring your account equity back to the minimum margin requirements
Position settlement
The prices for futures and options are settled daily by the Taiwan Futures Exchange. On the last trading day, your futures and options contracts will be automatically subject to cash settlement if the position has not been closed previously
Open an account online in 10 minutes
Easily upload your photo and other documents and sign up online in just a few steps
Futures and options intelligence
We continuously track and analyze the dynamics of the domestic futures and options indexes to provide you with daily market analysis reports
Futures and Futures Trading
The futures trading unit, order type, margin system and last trading day affect the investor's commodity selection, capital preparation, returns and risk assessment.
Introduction to CME Trading Regulations
Here is the introduction of the operating mechanism of the CME Group to help you make domestic and foreign investments
Introduction to Asian Exchange Trading Regulations
Here is the operating mechanism of the Hong Kong, Singapore and Osaka Exchanges in Japan to help you make domestic and foreign investment